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Below are some of the most popular job searches. Use these to get started. But, you can always try your own keyword(s) and locations. Also be sure you visit our help sections below to help guide your search. You’ll also find guides for each career type in each of the categories.


Marketing offers many opportunities for entry level employees either at advertising & PR firms or for the marketing departments of companies.  Look for internships, promotions, entry level sales, web marketing, graphics, photography, video & trade show marketing. Learn as much as you can about professional creative software.

Research companies & choose some you respect. Take a chance & take any job to get in the door. Then, work your way up!

Add words like internship, entry level & trainee to any search. For more tips, visit  Entry Level Career Help


Experienced marketing executives can easily jump between agencies & major corporations. Vast experience in a particular industry can also be extremely valuable to the marketing departments & agencies in those industries.

Try adding words like Director or Vice President to any search to refine the results to higher level positions. For higher level positions you should broaden your geographical search by replacing the city & state with the state or ‘United States’.  Experienced Career Help


The marketing industry has grown tremendously due to the new economy. Every company needs web marketing, social media as well as massive amount of graphic design, photography & video. As traditional advertising declines, more emphasis is being placed on content, experiential, promotions, trade show, event & web marketing.

Add words like flex, freelance, pet-friendly, remote, virtual & work-at-home to any search. Replace the city & state with ‘United States’ since remote positions may not require a particular location.  New Economy Career Help

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